Keymaze 500 Hike

Réf: 8161772


I don't seem to be able to transfer my data to the Geonaute Software.

1. Make sure you're using the latest Geonaute Software.

2. Check the metal contacts at the back of your watch for signs of corrosion. If they are corroded, clean them with alcohol or vinegar and a cotton swab. Also check that the clip is correctly positioned on your watch.

3. Reinstall product drivers:
3.1 On your computer, go to the Control Panel, System tab, then open the Device Manager.
3.2 Open the Ports tab (COM & LPT) and right click on "STMicroelectronics Virtual COM Port," corresponding to your device and select Uninstall. Your device will no longer be recognised.
3.3 Unplug and then plug in your device; the drivers will automatically reinstall and the following pop-up window will be displayed:
3.4 Check that the product has been properly recognized by the Device Manager.

4 - If you're still experiencing difficulty, please contact one of our support technicians via the "Contact" page at the bottom of this website.

How can I retrieve my sessions so I can use them on a service other than myGeonaute (GPX file)?

If you want to use your sessions on a platform other than Geonaute Software:
1. Select your session from the My Sessions menu.
2. Click on the Export button, then File.

You just need to download this file onto the site of your choice.

How to update my product

1. Connect your product to the computer & open Geonaute Software.
2. Go to the Equipment tab, followed by My Devices.
3. Add your product by clicking "Add Device"
4. Click on Update Firmware

Is my Keymaze 500 GPS watch compatible with DecathlonCoach?

The Keymaze 500 GPS watch is not compatible with our DecathlonCoach service. However, you can transfer your sessions to DecathlonCoach by uploading the GPX files of your previous sessions.

In order to find out how to obtain a GPX file from a session on Geonaute Software, please refer to the corresponding question in the FAQs.

Is my Keymaze 500 GPS watch compatible with MAC OS?

None of the Keymaze Geonaute GPS watches are compatible with the MAC OS operating systems.



How can I speed up the GPS signal reception?

Satellite signal reception quality is considerably affected by the surroundings and your movement.
To facilitate reception, we recommend the following during signal detection:
1. Position yourself in an open space away from buildings and trees.
2. Place the GPS watch on a table or on the ground. 3


What is the battery life of my product?

You can use your Keymaze 500 GPS watch for between 9 and 25 hours if the GPS is activated, depending on the parameters being measured.

Can I replace the battery of my product?

The battery cannot be replaced on this product.


What should I do if I can no longer switch on my product and the screen is frozen?

1. Connect your product to a computer.
2. Keep the Up & OK buttons pressed down and press Power to put the product into forced update mode.
3. Start the Geonaute Software. Go to the Equipment tab, followed by Devices.
4. Select your product & follow the update instructions. Your Keymaze GPS watch will then be reset.

Please note: This operation will unblock your product. However it will delete your settings & sessions.

Is my Keymaze 500 GPS watch waterproof?

Your Keymaze 500 GPS watch has a waterproof index of IPX7. This means that it is designed to withstand a heavy downpour, splashing and accidental immersion. The Keymaze 500 is not designed for swimming or watersports.

I have lost / broken my data transfer cable / strap. Where can I get another one?

You can get a data transfer cable or strap at the Workshop of your nearest store.

Why do the altitude readings seem to be incorrect?

This product does not have an attitude-barometer component. Consequently, the altitude reading is generated using the GPS technology.

This generates a very precise location in terms of longitude and latitude, but does not generate a very accurate altitude reading.

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